Caring properly for your rope can mean the difference from getting five steers out of it to getting forty steers out of your rope. With the price of good horses and entry fees going up every day it is important to make the cheapest tool we have last the longest it possibly can. To get the rope to it's full potential the break in process is crucial to getting the best feel and longevity out of your rope.

Upon purchasing your rope, take the ties off of the rope and swing it a few times to get a feel for the rope. Next put the rope on a post and either stretch the rope on your horse or pull on the rope using your body weight. Be sure not to put too much stretch on the rope. This will cause the rope to lose most of its body if stretched too much.

After putting a light stretch on the rope run 3-5 steers with the rope. After each run coil the rope up properly and straighten the eye of the rope out. Upon running 3-5 steers coil the rope up properly and put a few ties on the rope and put the rope back into your rope bag. Leave the rope over night in your bag if possible. This allows the rope to take up after being stretched and will help the rope to maintain it's body and consistent feel.

If you are at a roping and all you have is brand new ropes switch each rope after 3-5 steers. Remember to coil each rope properly and try to keep your ropes in your bag while waiting for the next run. Switching the ropes after a few steers will help the rope to maintain its body by not putting too much stress on the rope all at once. It is also important to try to keep your ropes at a constant temperature such as putting them in your house or in your living quarters to help maintain the consistent feel of Running P Ropes.



Designed by Michelle Moore